Dave Makes Films

I would love to discuss any projects you have in need of a Writer, Director, Producer, or other—I am experienced in many crewmember roles. The only thing I don’t do is finance projects… I’m a worker bee, not a bank. For more info, please see my IMDB, & if you would like to discuss a visual project of your own, whatever phase it might be in, please reach out.

— Dave Holton

Recent Work By Yours Truly

During the 2020 pandemic shutdowns, I picked up a Canon DSLR & a few LED lights & shot the following video with the help of family & friends. I’m proud of the result; in 2021, my little “microfilm” won an Outstanding Achievement Award at Berlin Flash Film Festival, made the semifinals (top 10) of Sunday Shorts Film Festival in Lisbon/London, & was an official selection at the New York Flash Film Festival & the Austin Comedy Film Festival. Enjoy!

Content Warning: Censored language & mild violence.

Collaborations With Fellow Creatives

The following are all projects I produced, coordinated, &/or assistant directed for others.

Content Warning: Several films feature Adult Language, Brief Nudity, & Bad Taste.

Thanks for viewing; I hope you enjoyed the show!

Dave's IMDB