Now, Now, Now!

Welcome to my “Now” page, which I will try to keep updated with my latest projects, news, & any other interesting goings-on…. basically anything I might tell someone if they asked me the question, “So what have you been up to lately?” If you would rather know more about where I came from than where I’m going, please check out my “About Me” page instead. Thanks for visiting!

— Dave Holton

Writing a Novel

I finished the rough draft of a historical fiction/magical realism novel on Christmas Eve, a nice gift to myself to round out a strange year. Now, I’m letting it cool off a bit, but I plan to dive into the second revision soon! It was a tough one, so I need a break from prose! That’s why I’m now…

Dave Thinking

Revising a Play

Last year (before the novel), I finished writing a “nearly-there” draft of a full-length stage play. As a break between drafts of my novel, I’m working on revising it for what I hope will be the final time (before I see it played out on a stage & revise it several thousand times more)… I plan to start sending it out as I work on the next draft of the novel. It’s always nice to have something to submit while working on the next thing.

Taking, Editing, & Sharing Photos

I spent most of 2020 posting the photos from my Guatemala travel series, “Experiencia Guatemalteca.” After I finished that, I turned to the stockpile of unedited photos I have accrued over the past few years. Now, I’m working my way steadily through them & posting 1 or 2 photos per day.

Here are few of the latest from my Instagram: @writtenbydave:

Please head over to @writtenbydave to connect. Many more to come!

Making Silly Films in Quarantine

No crew? No problem!

Though I didn’t have much of a crew to work with, being locked down in my home didn’t stop me from picking up a camera & turning on a few lights. I shot the following film one afternoon when I was feeling a bit too isolated. If I seem a bit crazy, well… didn’t we all? 2020 was a bit weird.

I’m currently working on editing another short that I shot, this time with the help of my girlfriend, a talented actress, & my niece, a talented art director. It’s good to have artists in the immediate circle at times like these!

Preparing to Move to Raleigh, NC

I decided to head back east from LA to my original hometown of Manteo, NC, in February of 2017. I have since spent most of my time writing, reading, studying, practicing photography, getting in shape, & traveling to fill the inspirational well. I’ve enjoyed reconnecting with family & friends, & of course, photographing the beautiful scenery of the Outer Banks. But I get restless for city living…

So I’m moving back to “the triangle” (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill) area. I’ll start to transition this year & see how it goes. Once there, I plan to carve out a studio space to work on bigger & better projects! I’ll also be exploring opportunities: If you happen to live or work in that area & want to connect & talk shop, please reach out.

Page last updated January 18, 2021.