Welcome to my “Now!” page—basically my answer in website form to the question, “What have you been up to lately?”

— Dave Holton

Acting & Working Behind-the-Scenes in Theatre

Back in 2020 I was cast as an actor-technician in the 83rd season of THE LOST COLONY Outdoor Drama. But then the pandemic hit, & the show was canceled. It was a punch to the gut, as I had been looking forward to the opportunity to walk onto the very same stage that Andy Griffith once roamed in his early years. Well, 2021 brought a second chance – not only was I cast to play the role of Captain Arthur Barlowe in the 84th season, I also sing, dance, & act as a member of the Ensemble. And on top of all that, I was also called upon to work behind the scenes as Assistant Technical Director. April & May were a whirlwind of preparation & rehearsal, & we successfully opened the show on May 28th. The season runs until August 21. If you happen to find yourself on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, please come out & see us!

Photos by C De La Cruz

Dave Thinking

Writing a Novel

I finished the rough draft of a historical fiction/magical realism novel on Christmas Eve, a gift to myself to round out the year. After several months off, I’m dusting off that draft & working on a series of revisions. I have a mountain of work ahead, but I’m very excited about the process!

Revising a Play

I recently finished the “almost-there” draft of a full-length stageplay (BELTWAY BREAKDOWN, in which a short-fused intercity bus driver wrecks his bus on purpose to forestall early retirement). I’m exploring opportunities to workshop the play & get it on stage! If you’re a theatre professional & would like to read it, please reach out!

Some Sh*t - A Microfilm by Dave Holton

Making “Crew-of-One” Films

2020 was a tough time for independent filmmakers; lockdowns & social distancing shut down many a project. I was bored & unable to sit still, so I picked up a Canon 7d DSLR & made a few shorts with minimal equipment, zero budget, & no crew, relying solely on the help of a few family members. My latest short film, SOME SH*T, has been making the festival rounds in 2021 with great success! To see the film & check out some of my other film work from recent years, head over to DAVE MAKES FILMS.

SOME SH*T: A Microfilm by Dave Holton

Synopsis: A woman struggles to maintain sanity when a huckster appears in her home & advises her to “Just Spray Some Sh*t on it!”

Written, Directed, Filmed, & Edited by: Dave Holton
Starring: Emily Mohler, Dave Holton, Walter Holton
Production Design: Alyse Stewart
Special Thanks: Andy Holton

Festival Appearances & Awards:

  • Berlin Flash Film Festival: Outstanding Achievement Award
  • Sunday Shorts Film Festival: Semifinals (Top 10)
  • New York Flash Film Festival: Official Selection

Taking, Editing, & Sharing Photos

I love photography as a way to tell visual stories & to explore the world we live in, so I pick up a camera whenever I have a spare moment to go shoot! Here are the last three photos I posted to my Instagram (@writtenbydave):

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