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I will try to keep this section updated with my latest projects & general situation—kind of my own personal Myspace page (remember those?). If you would rather know more about where I came from than where I’m going, please check out my “About Me/Welcome” page instead. Thanks—Dave

Posting Travel Photos to Instagram

Last year, I traveled to Guatemala for nearly two months. I had an unbelievable journey, & was amazed at the diversity inherent in both the natural & manmade worlds of the country. Guatemala is home to wonderful people & extraordinary wildlife, with landscapes varying from mountains & volcanoes to beaches & jungles. I came away with more photos than I’ll ever know what to do with… after narrowing it down to my top 200, I’m reliving the trip one photo at a time. Here are a few of the latest:

If you like these, head to @writtenbydave to catch up on the ongoing series.

Writing a Novel

I have been working on a historical magical realism novella set in a town based loosely on the place I know best: Roanoke Island! I still have a long way to go, but I plan to write, write, write in the next few months, & should complete the first draft by this summer.

Working in the Theatre

Playing a lead role in the 2019 Theatre of Dare production of “World War II Radio Christmas” reignited my excitement for performing, so I decided to go out for the 2020 cast of the nation’s longest-running outdoor drama, “The Lost Colony.” I was thrilled to be cast in the show, but the world had other plans, & the arrival of a global pandemic meant the cancelation of the show. But sometimes, when one door shuts, another one opens. I am currently working with several alumni of the show to develop a shortened version that may go on at the end of summer for a limited run if things start to open up. We shall see. In the meantime, we are getting creative & being optimistic.

Workshopping a Stageplay

I recently finished the “nearly there” draft of a full-length tragicomedy in two acts. I plan to workshop the play this summer, with hopes of seeing it on stage soon!

Finished a Feature Film Screenplay

I also recently finished the “ready to share with others” draft of a feature screenplay in the magical realism & adventure genre targeting a young adult audience. That’s pretty vague, I know, but I am now starting to share it about in hopes of finding some fellow makers to help push the project toward the only place that matters: the screen! If you are an agent, producer, director, or actor interested in learning more about the specifics of the project, please contact me.

Currently Living in Eastern NC

After a few years out in LA, I started flicking through writing magazines to stare longingly at the ads for writing retreats & residencies. Then, I realized… I didn’t need to pay for a retreat! I already had my own retreat waiting back in my hometown of Manteo, North Carolina, just a beach walk away from the landing spot of the first English colony in America.

I decided to head back east in February of 2017, and have since spent the majority of my time writing, reading, studying, practicing photography, running, & occasionally traveling to fill my inspirational well. I’ve also enjoyed reconnecting with family members & old friends, & of course, enjoying the beauty of the Outer Banks.

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