Welcome to my “Now” page, which I will keep updated with my latest projects & general situation. If you want to know more about me in general, please check out my “About Me/Welcome” page. Thanks!

Living on the Outer Banks of NC

Dave's Mugshot
Hi! I’m Dave!

After a few years out in LA, I started flicking through writing magazines to stare longingly at the ads for writing retreats & residencies. Then, I realized… I didn’t need to pay for a retreat! I already had my own retreat waiting back in my hometown of Manteo, North Carolina, just a beach walk away from the landing spot of the first English colony in America.

I decided to head back east in February of 2017, and have since spent the majority of my time writing, reading, studying, practicing photography, running, & occasionally traveling to fill my inspirational well. I’ve also enjoyed reconnecting with family members & old friends, & of course, enjoying the beauty of the Outer Banks.

Marketing a Feature Film Screenplay

I recently finished the “ready to share with others” draft of a feature screenplay in the magical realism & adventure genre targeting a young adult audience. That’s pretty vague, I know, but I am now starting to share it about in hopes of finding some fellow makers to help push the project toward the only place that matters: the screen! If you are an agent, producer, director, or actor interested in learning more about the specifics of the project, please contact me.

Workshopping a Stageplay…

I also finished the “nearly there” draft of a long, one-act tragicomedy. I plan to workshop the play this summer, with hopes of seeing it on stage soon!

…& Acting!

After playing a lead role in the 2019 Theatre of Dare production of “World War II Radio Christmas,” my excitement for performing was reignited. So, I decided to follow what naturally pulls at me:

I’ll be joining the 2020 cast of the nation’s longest-running outdoor drama, “The Lost Colony,” as an actor-technician. I hope to see you in the audience this summer! For more info on the Lost Colony & to buy tickets, head to The Lost Colony’s Website.

Developing a Novella

I have been working on a historical magical realism novella set in a town based loosely on the area I know best: Roanoke Island! Stay tuned, I plan to write, write, write in the next few months, when I’m not acting, of course.

Posting a Travel Photography Series

Last year, I traveled to Guatemala for nearly two months, & had an unbelievable journey around the country. I was amazed at the diversity inherent in both the natural & manmade worlds of the country. Guatemala is a country inhabited by wonderful people & extraordinary wildlife, with landscapes varying from mountains & volcanoes to beaches & jungles, & I came away with more photos than I’ll ever know what to do with…

But don’t worry, I won’t make you sit through them all. I narrowed them down to the top 200 & polished them up, & posted them on Adobe’s Behance site (I don’t practice Instagram at the moment).

For more, please head over to my Behance page to enjoy the series.

Updated March 17, 2020, from Manteo, North Carolina