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Occasionally, Dave enjoys penning a verse or a prose poem or just plain playing around with words and images, and sometimes these oddball experiments end up on his Instagram page (though he isn’t what you would call an avid Instagrammer). And sometimes these experiments are then reposted by “Instapoetry” accounts.

A few samples have been posted below for your enjoyment, and if you would like to see more, please check out his Instagram page @writtenbydave.

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Have you ever stopped by @herheartoncraft ? It's a page full of information specifically designed to help you improve your poetry writing, and it doesn't matter if you've been writing for two days or two decades: every poet should know their craft. . In light of all the heavy-hearted events these past couple weeks, Hayden, the Associate Editor of On Craft, has teamed up with our other channels to highlight nonsense poetry and other lighthearted forms. . This Her Heart Work of the Day from @writtenbydave is a perfect example of that lightheartedness. The message – don't give up! – is definitely something we all need to hear from time to time, but the delivery of it all is absolutely flawless. Whimsical even! . Brilliant write, Dave, and wonderful feature, Hayden! Can't wait to see more work like this from @writtenbydave and @herheartoncraft . ^.^ . . Please contact the author for permission to repost: ©Dave Holton 2018 . Don't forget to add the hashtag #herheartpoetry to your work to be considered for a feature! . Her Heart Poetry Share ǀ Inspire ǀ Provoke . For more poetry goodness follow our community accounts: . @heartwrds @herheartsnew @twoheartsbeatstronger @herheartoncraft @herheartsreach @herheartspoken @herheartforms . Don't forget to subscribe to our digital zine, as well, at herheartpoetry.com . #poetsofinstagram #poetsofig #poetrycommunity #spilledink #herheartpoetry #workoftheday #poemoftheday #welovepoetry

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