Dave Makes Films

I would love to discuss any projects you have in need of a Writer, Director, Producer, or other—I am experienced in many crewmember roles. The only thing I don’t do is finance projects… I’m a worker bee, not a bank. For more info, please see my IMDB, & if you would like to discuss a visual project of your own, whatever phase it might be in, please reach out.

— Dave Holton

Recent Work By Yours Truly

During the 2020 pandemic shutdowns, I picked up a Canon DSLR & a few LED lights & shot the following video with the help of family & friends. I’m proud of the result; in 2021, my little film-that-could won Best Mockumentary Microfilm at the Austin Comedy Film Festival, an Outstanding Achievement Award at Berlin Flash Film Festival, made the semifinals (top 10) of Sunday Shorts Film Festival in Lisbon/London, & was an official selection at the New York Flash Film Festival. Enjoy!

Content Warning: Censored language & mild violence.

Collaborations With Fellow Creatives

The following are all projects I produced, coordinated, &/or assistant directed for others.

Content Warning: Several films feature Adult Language, Brief Nudity, & Bad Taste.

Thanks for viewing; I hope you enjoyed the show!

Dave's IMDB