A sampler of my work across mediums/genres including fiction, screenwriting, playwriting, & non-fiction/copywriting.


My short story THE LIGHTNING JAR was published in Oyster River Pages 4th Annual Issue (named “Emerging Writer of Fiction”).


My feature screenplay DRAGON is currently in the top 10% of all 137,827 discoverable screenplays on Coverfly, having earned the following accolades:


My full-length stageplay BELTWAY BREAKDOWN is on New Play Exchange.

BELTWAY BREAKDOWN is the story of a lifelong intercity bus driver whose career comes to a screeching halt when his boss demands he hand over his keys to a young replacement at the end of his next run. After the bus breaks down on the drive from Raleigh to DC, he works to sabotage his young protege & prevent a sudden ending to a long & stable career. Meanwhile, his college-aged daughter, who has come along on the ride, struggles to tell him the truth about her relationship with her nonbinary college roommate. Of course, the passengers aren’t content to just sit tight—the situation on the shoulder of the DC Beltway spins quickly out of control.

Non-Fiction / Copywriting

For a portfolio of my journalistic articles & advertisement work, please see this page.