About Dave Holton

Dave Holton grew up building forts, conquering sandbars, & spinning tales of ghost pirates, lost colonists, & ancient voyagers. Maybe it was the place he came up. After all, on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, everyone knows that Blackbeard’s headless body swam ’round his ship three…no, five… no… seven times before it sank away into the depths. That’s the truth. Ask anybody.

Dave’s fascination with stories followed him into adulthood, & even as he pursued a degree in Civil Engineering, Dave hiked across campus to study Creative Writing on the side. In his twenties, Dave worked as a field engineer, earned an MBA, & consulted Fortune 500 CEOs. But he never stopped writing, & eventually, he moved to Los Angeles to transition into the arts & entertainment industry. There he studied filmmaking at UCLA, worked in film & television production, & analyzed screenplays for Amazon Studios & other well-known clients.

After several years in Hollywood, Dave decided to get back to his roots on the serene beaches of the Outer Banks to focus on self-study of art & storytelling across media. When he is not writing, working on photography or film projects, or acting in theater productions, Dave enjoys traveling & exploring the world, always on the hunt for new ideas.

These days, Dave enjoys following his curiosity, obsessions, & fascinations to see where they might lead. He is open to any opportunity that calls for creativity, a craftsman’s discipline, a strategic mindset & practical approach, that delivers a tangible, lasting, & aesthetic product. Whatever his role, Dave has always been a storyteller at heart. He continues to spin tales, experimenting with the various forms of writing & visual arts to capture moments that mingle fantasy & reality. 

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Please contact Dave to discuss collaboration or employment¡Y una cosa más … Dave habla español, si ayuda de alguna manera!