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About Me (Dave Holton)

Growing up on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, I immersed myself in tales of ghost pirates & lost colonists, acting them out with my friends out in the woods & on the sandbars. Fact & fantasy were never too far apart. Storytelling was all around me. After all, on the Outer Banks, everyone knows that Blackbeard’s headless body swam ’round his ship three…no, five… no… seven times before it sank away into the depths. 

My love of stories followed me into adulthood. Even as I pursued a degree in Civil Engineering, I hiked across campus to take Creative Writing classes on the side. Back then, I still thought of writing as a hobby, so I spent my twenties working as a field engineer, earning an MBA, & advising Fortune 500 company CEOs as a management consultant.

Eventually, I decided to make my hobby more than just a hobby, & I moved to Los Angeles to burrow my way into the entertainment industry. I studied filmmaking at UCLA by night, & by day I worked on film productions & analyzed screenplays for Amazon Studios & other well-known clients.

After several years in Hollywood, I decided to get back to my roots on the serene beaches of the Outer Banks to focus on a few of my own projects. When I’m not writing, working on photography or film projects, or acting in theater productions, I enjoy traveling the world in search of new experiences, ideas, & interactions. Turns out, there’s no upper limit to how amazing this world can be… if you want inspiration, it’s out there.

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