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About Dave (The Reasonably Quick Version)

David B. Holton (Dave) is a storyteller & visual artist with an eclectic range of experience & education. Dave has written scripts for screen & stage, penned articles for travel magazines, published short stories in literary journals, performed for live theatre audiences, & produced short-form content that earned millions of views on streaming platforms. Dave studied Producing for Film & TV at UCLA & Performance at The Second City. He also earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from NC State University & an MBA from UNC-Chapel Hill, & has studied creative writing extensively via in-person classes/seminars & self-study programs.

These days he follows his creative wanderlust through writing, photography, acting, & filmmaking in a never-ending quest for empathy, truth, meaning, & magic. Most recently, Dave won Best Mockumentary Microfilm at the Austin Comedy Film Festival for a short that he wrote & directed; published a magical realism story in Oyster River Pages as an Emerging Voice in Fiction; & performed as Captain Arthur Barlowe in the 84th season of The Lost Colony Outdoor Drama in his home state of North Carolina, while also serving as the show’s Assistant Technical Director.

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