The following are some of my favorite projects on which I acted as Creative Producer, Production Manager, Assistant Director, Production Coordinator, or all of these at once… like many filmmakers, I often wear many hats at one time! For info on these projects & others, please also see my IMDB.

Content Warning: Adult language, brief nudity, & bad taste.

Dave's IMDB

Personal Projects

A couple of zero-budget projects I wrote, directed & filmed myself, working with family & friends, using whatever I had available…

“Some Sh*t”

During the 2020 COVID shutdown, I shot a zero-budget, super-short film with family & friends using an old Canon 7D & a few LED lights. Despite such limitations, this little film won “Best Mockumentary Microfilm” award at the Austin Comedy Film Festival & the “Outstanding Achievement” Award at the Berlin Flash Film Festival, made the semifinals of the Sunday Shorts Film Festival, & was an official selection at the New York Flash Film Festival!

Content Warning: Adult language & simulated use of a firearm.

“The Elf on the Shelf”

A zero-budget family Christmas collaboration between my brother Andy (@contentmonster) & myself, filmed using a Canon R5 & a 360 cam & starring our father Walter Holton & our niece Maizie Stewart. We shot this over the course of two days in a run-and-gun style. Not your typical Christmas story!

Content Warning: May spoil beloved beliefs for children.

Let’s make Movie Magic together!

Contact me if you would like to discuss collaborating on a project. As a writer, performer, & filmmaker who has both a technical & creative background, with project management skills & experience working above the line, below the line, & at all stages of development & delivery, I am in a unique position to help you carry your vision through to the end… please don’t hold back or hesitate, regardless of your specific needs or the current stage of your idea, whether nascent or already underway. Let’s chat & explore how I can help you deliver entertaining, informative, & impactful content to connect with the audience you are seeking (& who are seeking you, too)!